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  Copyright:   NTSC DV 720x480 29.97 fps 4:3
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  Added Date:   06/21/2011
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  Description:   Orangutans Destroy and Eat Photographers Camera Lens - - -- A Photographer dropped an expensive Canon Camera Lens in front of the Orangutan Exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo while attempting to change lenses on his SLR Camera. The lens rolled down into the moot in front of the Orangutan Exhibit. The Orangutans climbed down to the bottom of the moot and began to twist, turn taste and eat the lens until it came completely apart. Meanwhile the lens owner did everything he could to get help from zoo attendants to try to save the lens. But to no avail, the Orangutans completely destroyed the lens before help arrived. Listen to funny soundbite of lens owner.
  Keywords:    Orangutans Orangutans Eat Camera Lens