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  Display Name:   <strong>Stock Footage Clips & Stock Videos
  Description:   Browse, preview and search single stand-alone stock video clips, stock footage video clips & stock videos. Each stock video clips is offered for licensing as rights-managed, rights-ready or as a royalty-free license.
  Added Date:   12/11/2009
<![CDATA[<strong>Raw News Video Story Footage]]>http://footageworks.com/gallery/1389-0.htmlTue, 01 Mar 2011 21:01:48 GMT <strong>Raw News Video Story Footage
  Display Name:   <strong>Raw News Video Story Footage
  Description:   Browse, preview and search the raw footage of selected news video stories in their entirety to make your own custom time-selected in & out point cuts. Cuts are processed as rights-managed licensing.
  Added Date:   03/01/2011